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Identification of

Eligible Infants and Toddlers

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How to Get Help for Your Child

Como Ayudar a Su Hijo

Primary Referral Form

If you have concerns about your child's development, complete the attached document or bring to your child's pediatrician to fill out. 


Please fax to Infant Toddler Services of Wyandotte County at 913-627-5501 or email


In Kansas, the Part C system is called Kansas Infant-Toddler Services (KS ITS). KS ITS is a program of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).The local programs are referred to as local tiny-k programs. The system is designed to maximize family involvement and ensure parental consent in each step of the early intervention process, beginning with referral to KS ITS and continuing through service delivery and transition out of KS ITS when your child turns three.


This Child and Family Rights document is the official notice of the procedural safeguards for children and families as defined under federal Part C regulations. Information about child and family rights and safeguards are available through local tiny-k programs, or KS ITS.


Families Together, Inc. has been contracted to provide advocacy assistance to parents/families that have concerns. Families Together, Inc. is the Parent Training and Information Center for Kansas. The Parent Training and Information Center assists families whose children have disabilities to be partners in their child’s services and education. The mission of Families Together, Inc. is to Encourage, Educate and Empower families as they learn about systems and available resources and services for their sons and daughters. For help with any concerns contact:


Families Together, Inc. Parent Training and Information Center (PTI):

Topeka 1-800-264-6343

Wichita 1-888-815-6364

Garden City 1-888-820-6364

Kansas child and family rights

Kansas  Derechos del nino y la familia

5 Reasons Why Early Intervention is Important

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Discover how Early Intervention can help the children and families in your community and healthcare practice

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